Most mornings, Jim Tudor can be found on Hunnell Road handing out espressos, pastries and engaging in candid conversation with the homeless community living on the northern edge of Bend.

When he arrived on a recent Wednesday, he opened the trunk of his car to reveal an espresso machine, chocolate and caramel syrups and plenty of whipped cream and cocoa powder for toppings. Then he carefully balanced a spread of cinnamon rolls on the roof of his car. Sometimes he brings doughnuts, but he always brings something sweet.

hunnell road cafe

Jim Tudor, 72, set up an espresso machine in the back of his car. He warmed and frothed milk to make a chocolate mocha.

Stacy and Angie

Stacey Ray, 60, and Angie Paris, 30, who both live on Hunnell Road, wandered over to Tudor's coffee station to enjoy a hot mocha.

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Anna Kaminski is a city and county government reporter with The Bulletin. Previously, she was a reporter in Eugene, but she began her career in journalism as a teenager in her Midwestern hometown. 

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Thanks, Ana! Here are some thoughts on how to solve this problem. I’m sure you will like them! First of all, we need to get the City of Bend DEI department involved. Their job will be to force rank each person now living on Hummel Road based on the principle of INTERSECTIONALITY. A. Skin color: 1. Black skin ranks the highest. 2. Then Indigenous skin (Whatever color that may be.) 3. Finally, Brown skin. NOTE: Latinx skin color ranks higher than mid eastern skin color. Asian skin color and Jewish skin color will be lumped into white skin color since those skin colors have somehow succeeded in thriving in our systemically racist society. B. Identify those homeless who have gender dysphoria as they will rank higher on the INTERSECTIONALITY chart than lesbians, who rank higher than male gay homeless. At the bottom of the list will be white males who identify as white males and have jobs. Just above this group will be white employed females who identify as white females. The more INTERSECTIONAL categories each homeless person can claim, the higher on the INTERSECTIONAL charts they will be placed and therefore will be placed in the front of the line for the most “help” from the city. Help Plan: A. Provide Critical Race Theory Training. These front line folks need to understand how nearly impossible it will be for them to succeed without government help. B. Provide any and all gender affirming surgeries that they feel they need to make them feel normal. This, of course will be supplied at no cost to them and will include comfortable surroundings and related expenses required for their full recovery. C. Provide EV’s to each of these people as they will obviously need transportation. EV’s, while more expensive than gas vehicles, will not contribute to Climate Change. Well, that should do it!

Justin Hood

cave Idus martias - pro ecclesia et patria


Excellent story, Ms. Kaminska.

So, according to Bend City Manager King, “The status quo is not working for anybody in the Hunnell area.”

I think it is more likely that the people on Hunnell define “status quo” as constant, unrelenting dispersals and sweeps--starting at Juniper Ridge 3 years ago, then moving on to Emerson Street, then the ODOT properties, then Second Street, and now a sweep that may scatter them (don’t disregard the irony) back to Juniper Ridge.

Perhaps Mr. King’s idea of “status quo” is McMansions lining the streets of his city, but it has worked out reasonably well for Angie Paris, who says in the article, “Everybody I’ve met out here [Hunnell Road] is so intelligent, so kind, so helpful.”

I think that Hunnell Road and the other communities of unhoused people may very well fit the bill of “community,” where there is ready access to medical care and services and positive human interactions.

Dispersing people as King plans to do in mid-March will only expose already vulnerable people to increased predation from criminal elements, additional trauma, and enhanced fire danger. (As for the much ballyhooed charge that the people on Hunnell are robbing Lowes blind, it should be noted that Lowes has a policy of non-apprehension of shoplifters, so how can the Bend PD accurately blame the people on Hunnell when there have been no arrests and other evidence that proves their culpability.

The construction projects--North Corridor and Hunnell extension--that provide the pretext for moving the people do not include any work at all on the site of the Hunnell community. So there is no blessed hurry to scatter them--especially during a season when the weather can turn suddenly lethal.

Let’s heed the sage advice of the service providers. Disrupting fragile lives in the name of misperceptions, stereotypes, and appearances harkens back to a time we should have learned from--not emulate.

Jerry Atrik

So what do you think should be done?


Let’s do what Mr. Tudor says, if there is private property for them that might be the best..But when it happens let’s all come out to help them with organization and dignity.. Let’s bring boxes, plastic bins, suitcases and backpacks to help them move in an orderly fashion over a period of several days..Those that would like to move to another place where they have support, let’s help them get there with help.. Bring pickups and trailers to help also. Many just need a little compassion and need to be seen..


Thanks for your thought. That is a question I often ask those who favor criminalizing, arrests, and prisons. In the absence of adequate shelter space, adequate parking space, adequate transitional housing, we should allow the people on Hunnell to shelter in place. Where they are is the best of their possible worlds RIGHT NOW. They have access to services and care; they have friendships. Governor Kotek is offering $130 million to address the statewide crisis; let's cool our jets until that relief starts coming through the pipeline. Thank you for your perfectly suitable question.


Thank you

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