Juniper Ridge Homeless

Jackie Capasso walks around one of her neighbors’ campsites out on Juniper Ridge on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020.

The city of Bend on Wednesday will begin informing people living at established campsites at Juniper Ridge that they need to move from the area within 60 days to make way for a major sewer line project.

Starting in April, construction of a new sewer line called the North Inceptor will start coming through 1,500 acres of city property located in the northeast corner of Bend. The property is envisioned to be developed for industrial uses.

There are about 50 to 60 camps of people on the property but no estimate of the number of residents, according to the city .

The timing of this notice is intended to give people ample time to safely and voluntarily move off the property, according to the city. The intention of the city is to work with social service agencies to identify and offer resources for those experiencing homelessness.

A list of community services for individuals to access resources during their transition out of the Juniper Ridge area will be added to the Juniper Ridge webpage as information is available, according to the city.

A recently adopted Public Land Management Policy for Juniper Ridge calls for the city to provide reasonable notice 60 days and 30 days before any organized removal and cleanup efforts in April. If people are still on Juniper Ridge, they will receive a final notice 24 hours in advance of construction, as required by state law.

Updates about what is happening at Juniper Ridge are available at

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