Cliff Bentz

U.S. Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario, has raised 32 times more in campaign contributions than Democrat Joe Yetter in the race for the 2nd Congressional District, according to federal reports.

Bentz received $124,932 in campaign contributions in April, May and June, according to his quarterly campaign finance filing with the Federal Elections Commission.

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Cliff who? Amongst us everyday folks, has anyone really had a Bentz sighting?


Very disappointing. Just check out Bentz’ dismal voting record from this week alone.

Here you’ll find a vote against the Active Shooter Alert Act, several votes against women’s reproductive rights, even a vote against Gold Star Parents. Wishing the best for Dr. Yetter.


But also recall how Democrats want to control “bodies” when it comes to covid, without any solid scientific proof? Every”body” wants to control somebody.


Unfortunately, Skittish (and I love your mostly thoughtful and contrarian comments), Dems were out of office and unable to “control” the hundreds of thousands of American “bodies” who died. The willful official ignorance and negligence during the Trump pandemic years gave the U.S. the distinction of the highest Covid-19 death rate (and lowest vaccination rates) among rich nations. It was the third leading cause of death in 2020 and 2021 (and currently tied for 6th with diabetes.) Since we chose to politicize the pandemic, instead of meeting the challenge with all hands on deck, we continue to experience reductions in life expectancies--particularly in groups such as Native Americans, who have seen a 4.7-year decline.

Because we as a rich nation did not act consequentially and because we live in an impoverished world tragically unprepared to deal with pandemics, we continue to endow the virus unlimited opportunity to mutate and reinfect. Deschutes County now is surging with a 20% positivity rate. It’s a safe guess that we face further impacts and stresses on our local medical care infrastructure in the summer remaining and the fall and winter ahead.

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