Residents gather at Newport Avenue and Wall Street in Bend to honor the memory of a man shot and killed outside a downtown bar early Sunday morning.

A mournful and emotional crowd of about 150 people gathered Wednesday evening in downtown Bend to honor the memory of Barry Washington Jr., a young Black man who authorities say was shot and killed by a white man outside a bar early Sunday morning.

They hugged each other and placed flowers and candles at an impromptu memorial a block away from where Washington was shot, allegedly by Ian Cranston, 27.

Arlo Johnson, 23, of Bend, showed up because he wanted to pay his respects to Washington, whom he did not know.

"Since I was a kid, there's been this violence against Black people, and I don't want to be callous to that," he said.

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I went to this. I was looking for a memorial of a young man's life, someone who came to this community looking for community and ended up being denied the chance to live. That was not what I found there. It seemed to be more about a political/racial struggle, which I understand and applaud. I just wanted to sit with the sorrow and find out who Barry Washington was.


Got it. I guess i just find it important for a news organization to provide the news of what is happening in Bend (regardless of whether this was what you expected or not), especially with an incident and topic that is so important.


This article is so disappointing . Did you attend the vigil or at least watch it online (it’s available on you tube) ? There were many speakers with incredibly powerful and important messages that I think our community would want to hear and needs to hear.


Totally agree with Tracyann80. There really is no way to separate the killing of Barry Washington from the milieu surrounding it. By all accounts Barry Washington's life continues to inspire and uplift those fortunate enough to have known him. It is important to realize that even the most amazing of our fellow human beings can wander unknowingly into harm's way. Barry found the trap that ended his life in a culture that continues to adhere to racist values and we need to hear about it and be told about it again and again until we act to change it.

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