Bulletin staff report

A bicyclist was killed late Monday morning after being struck by a vehicle in northwest Bend.

The accident occurred at about 11:20 a.m. at the intersection of Olney Avenue and Wall Street, according to Lt. Clint Burleigh, a spokesman for Bend Police Department. The police advise drivers to avoid that area. The intersection is not completely closed, but there are delays because officers are still at the scene investigating.

The bicyclist died at the scene, Burleigh said, adding that the police department is still working to inform the next of kin. Burleigh did not share any information about the cyclist or driver.

Burleigh said without going through crash records, it’s difficult to say how many fatal crashes between vehicles and cyclists occur per year in Bend.

“Fatalities do happen,” Burleigh said. “Most of the time, though, injuries are minor, or they’re not life-threatening.”

Burleigh said increased speed for a driver or cyclist is likely to make an accident more serious, but did not say whether speed was an issue in this accident. He could not confirm whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet.

Burleigh could not say whether Monday’s rainy weather was a factor in the crash, but reminded the public to be extra careful as winter conditions near.