Drivers will be barred from parking on several narrow streets in Bend during heavy snowfall this winter.

This year is the first Bend has implemented emergency snow no-parking zones, a common restriction in many cities that see significant snow. The parking restrictions will be in effect only during periods of heavy snowfall, of at least 6 inches with more on the way, that cause the city to call on private contractors to help plow streets.

Last winter would have had five such snow emergencies, and previous years had about two a year, Bend Streets and Operations Department Director David Abbas said.

Once the city manager declares a snow emergency, drivers will be unable to park on sections of Wall, Bond, Portland, NW Broadway and 17th streets, Chandler, NE Conners and NW Tumalo avenues, and NE Courtney Drive. They’ll need to keep parked cars off those roads for 12 hours or until the road has been cleared from curb to curb.

City workers recognized that those streets became narrower as the winter went on last year because cars began parking farther from the curb, Abbas said. The snow emergency streets include several downtown and by St. Charles Bend, as well as the street next to Oregon State University-Cascades.

The snow zones may expand in future years. Councilor Barb Campbell suggested restricting on-street parking to alternate sides of the road on neighborhood streets during snowplowing — following the same rule the city has for who can water their lawns on odd- and even-numbered days.

This year, most cars parked on restricted streets will not be towed. Meanwhile, if any cars must be towed to plow safely, drivers won’t have to pay for the tow.

Bend residents can check the city’s website,, or call the streets department at 541-323-5980 to check if a snow emergency has been declared.

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