By Aubrey Wieber

The Bulletin

The death that occurred Thursday inside the Bend Oil Co. building on Scott Street has been ruled a suicide.

Bend resident Robert Nordby, 56, a longtime employee of Mid Columbia Producers Inc., which owns Bend Oil, entered the building, which was often empty, and shot himself with a shotgun, according to police reports.

Bend Police officers responded to the scene at 9:44 a.m. and by 10:50 a.m. had closed the street down. Bend Police deployed its SWAT-style team.

Scott Street was reopened at 1:50 p.m. Police declined to give details on the incident, including the name or gender of Nordby, saying the case needed to be reviewed by the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office.

On Monday, District Attorney John Hummel reviewed the only report on the case he had received from police. Hummel ruled the death a suicide, and said his investigation is complete.

A report taken by Bend Police Officer Matthew Baldwin states that fellow employee William Sturdevant was at the Bend Oil building Thursday morning when he noticed Nordby entering the property through a gate on Aune Street. Sturdevant said when Nordby saw him he seemed surprised as employees are usually not at the building. Sturdevant also told Baldwin he thought it was odd that Nordby locked the gate behind him, according to Baldwin’s report.

Sturdevant said he later saw Nordby go to his car and pull out a shotgun, which he brought into the building. Sturdevant also told Baldwin he believed Nordby had been drinking due to his slurred speech and poor balance.

After witnessing Nordby’s alleged intoxication and possession of the gun, Sturdevant called an employee at another Bend Oil office, who advised him to leave immediately.

Baldwin’s report states that police found Nordby in the old office building that Sturdevant had seen him in.

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