Bend resident Hannah Flaherty is caught in a loophole of affordable housing restrictions.

The restrictions for low-income housing — what makes it affordable and who can live in it — often serve as a bridge to help people in need. But those restrictions don’t make it easy, and they are even compromising Flaherty’s ability to remain in low-income housing.


“It’s such a hard process navigating housing in general, and it’s made extra difficult for me when there are roadblocks like being disabled and not being able to increase my income at this time,” said Hannah Flaherty, a Bend resident and student at OSU-Cascades. 03/03/23 (Joe Kline/The Bulletin)

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Anna Kaminski is a city and county government reporter with The Bulletin. Previously, she was a reporter in Eugene, but she began her career in journalism as a teenager in her Midwestern hometown. 

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What the article neglects to mention is the LIHTC full time student rule (see below). This is the barrier many living in affordable housing face when trying to improve their quality of life through higher education. You generally cant get grants and scholarships if you attend school less than full time but for this woman and others if she attends full time she would lose her housing. This creates an endless cycle of poverty and reliance on government based programs.

Student Restrictions for Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)…

A household cannot be comprised of all full-time students (Kindergarten through 12th grade and institutions of higher education) unless they meet one of the following exceptions:

A student receiving assistance under Title IV of the Social Security Act (TANF); or

A student who was previously in the foster care program; or

A student enrolled in a job training program receiving assistance under the Job Training Partnership Act or other Federal, State, or local laws; or

The household comprises single parents and their children, and such parents are not dependents of another individual. Such children are not dependents of another individual other than a parent of such children. In the case of a single parent with children, the legislative history explains that none of the tenants (parent or children) can be a dependent of a third party; or

The household contains a married couple entitled to file joint tax returns.

Note that for the LIHTC program, a student who is a full-time student for 5 months out of the current calendar year is considered a full-time student for the entire calendar year. The months do not need to be consecutive.

Long and Variable

What a survivor and thriver.



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