Bend-La Pine stock

Bend-La Pine Schools administration building in Bend.

A Bend-La Pine School Board member violated two parts of the board’s code of conduct for incendiary comments she made during an abortion rights protest earlier this month.

But the only disciplinary action taken against Janet Sarai Llerandi Gonzalez was a private conversation with the board chair.

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Bryce Dole is an education reporter with The Bulletin. He previously worked as a government and public safety reporter with the East Oregonian. He grew up in Grants Pass and has lived in Oregon all his life.

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What a charmer.


Llerandi Gonzalez should specify before speaking or writing, in public, that she is doing so as an individual citizen, not as a representative of the schools.

She should certainly be able to raise funds for nonprofit causes as she sees fit!


Those who cherish freedom of speech need to support Ms. Gonzales. She has quite obviously been stalked and singled out for heart-felt comments shared by millions of Americans. For a momentary slippage of protocol, apparently, she faces losing a position for which she campaigned and was elected. This is also an attack against her (and our) community.


Read much? The story says nothing about her "losing a position for which she campaigned and was elected" for her "momentary slippage" of inciting a riot.


"Inciting a riot"? N

Must have missed which paragraph that's in. Could you point it out please?



Third: '“So I am not here to bring you a message on unity and solidarity. I am telling you to go to the streets and Fu** Sh** Up!” she said during the July 1 protest, according to a Central Oregon Daily News report."

Anything else?


So, following tRump's lead I guess.


Sick freaks on both sides. Hopefully, she'll enjoy as much success in the next election that her doppelganger did in his last.


The problem I have is that she said she was not there to express "unity and solidarity," which is precisely what's needed. Effing s*** up can make you feel good about yourself (been there, done that), but it is way more important to building a movement based on unity and solidarity.

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