Recent renovations to the Hayden Homes Amphitheater and its partnership with Live Nation Entertainment have transformed Bend into a world class location for concerts, bolstering the local economy and putting Central Oregon on the music map.

Ever since the amphitheater along the Deschutes River partnered with Live Nation and expanded its facilities in 2021 to be on par with industry standards, more big name bands have come to town bringing economic prosperity with them.

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Joe Siess is a GA reporter for the Bulletin. Joe previously reported for the Klamath Falls Herald and News and the Malheur Enterprise. He was born and raised in the Kansas City area, and holds a master's in journalism from the University of Missouri.

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With tickets fetching top dollars, actual restrooms instead of port-i-potties should be a given.

John W Owen

This was local journalism PR puffery at its worst. The Hayden Amphitheatre merits scrutiny and sourced praise but your piece was devoid of any criticism. It read like a PR handout. I’ve enjoyed attending concerts there but there are some things to improve on. For example why no screens so those with obstructed seats can enjoy seeing the performers? What about improving the ugly parking lot when unused? It could be landscaped. What about constant noise for residents in the area? Paradise it isn’t? Embarrassing.


I can think of a lot of less-profitable Bend businesses that would love this kind of free publicity. Too bad the Bulletin reporter bought Estes's BS about low ticket prices. Wonder how many freebies the Bulletin gets? About the only good news for locals is that the Smith family no longer claims to own the gravel under the river. Remember when they shoved kayaks away from the river bank and actually turned sprinklers on to people sitting on the grass across the river? I bet they still do that whenever some big name performer demands it in their rider. Money talks, the rich get richer, and sadly, the Bulletin is part of the problem with articles like this one.


I went to buy tickets for Christ Stapleton in June. The ticket price with fees were $400/each. Will not be going. Love the venue. Love the shows. One advantage we have is the locals get to buy tickets the day before the general public. But, c'mon these prices and added fees are just greed. Bend has lots of other venues that have great music.


Hayden Homes would be a great place to see concerts if the sound quality wasn’t so abysmal


Port-a-Potties = paradise???


Hmm - i go to alot of shows all over, and outside of increasing number of acts (poor neighbors), I really cant think of any benefit to locals since LiveNation gobbled Les Schwab up. Prices way up, harder to get tix, no more blankets, no brewfest or sunday concerts, too much security and way too slow of an entry. I have to remind myself im in Bend when I go to a show here. About as generic as they come now unless you are in a spot to see the mountains or the brewery. I live in Bend and prefer to go elsewhere. Just a perspective.


I think of hay-ho as a place to avoid. Ticket pricing with a fee avalanche revealed in checkout makes it virtually unaffordable for most Bendites. Smaller venues like the ballroom are the hot ticket.


There really is nothing good about Live Nation’s method of ticket pricing. It was much better for a consumer, prior. They simply aren’t respected anywhere in this country-it’s not just here.


Many locals are now priced out of buying tickets even with the locals pre sale . Thanks to live Nation and allowing so many tickets to go to resellers , Its become a venue for elite concert goers .

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