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A Bend City Council meeting.

Creating a Human Rights and Equity Commission, promoting more diverse representation on committees, and making meetings more accessible are all recommendations that came out of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report that was completed for the Bend City Council.

The report, which will be discussed by the Bend City Council on Wednesday, outlines how the city can be more inclusive of marginalized communities — including people of color, people with disabilities and the LBGTQ population — when conducting everyday business.

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Brenna Visser has been a government reporter in Bend since 2019. When not busy reporting, you can find her hiking with her dog or systematically trying all of Bend's breweries.

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If anyone ever wondered if promotion of diversity was needed in Bend, read this comments section.


Identity politics coming to a council near you. Good thing there is no shortage of Karen's here to set us all straight. I can see how this is a good use of time and money since staff and council have solved affordable housing, job and wage growth and transportation.........


It is a good use of time and money since those marginalized communities are most likely to need affordable housing, jobs, livable wages, and public transportation. Understanding their needs will help the council to waste LESS money and put it to it's most effective use.


“A process cannot truly be considered public if some residents cannot read the agenda, see or hear the information being presented, find the child care or transportation to attend, fit comfortably in the chairs, or use the restroom safely,” the report states.

I’d like free popcorn, as well.


Oh here we go. Another liberal pc city who will hire based on everything but most qualified.

bend 80

you sure have that one right , need to recall all the councilman the DA and new police chief.

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