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Tents lined NE Emerson Avenue near Second Street in Bend in June 2021

As the city of Bend prepares to draft its first unsanctioned camping code, which will create rules around homeless camping on city rights of way, some staff want to apply an “equity analysis” to the process.”We need to ensure that the code reflects something that is feasible for our community members who are currently sleeping outside,” said Anna Allen, the equity and inclusion director for the city.

Two community open house sessions last month saw heightened public concern for what some saw as the Bend City Council’s lack of attention to inclusive discussions.

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Anna Kaminski is a city and county government reporter with The Bulletin. Previously, she was a reporter in Eugene, and she began her career in journalism as a teenager in her Midwestern hometown. 

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Equity is a code word for discrimination against people who are not persons of color and Asians. Now it’s being used to discriminate against the interests of people who would like clean, safe streets. The City Council should give the equity talk a rest.


You couldn't be more wrong.

Justin Hood

Dear Editor,

If everyone is Homeless then isn’t everyone equal? The homeless follow Nomadic Tradition. It came prior to civilization. People are afraid of the homeless because of their own fear. The individual living on the street represents nothing (zero), has no wealth/assets and is un-grounded. Everyone is only one disaster away from being homeless. Many of the housed find it idea of life without shelter terrifying, debilitating and representative of death. The root cause of mental health issues.

I’m volunteering to join Bend’s new Roundtable. Who is playing the role of Arthur or Richard the Lionheart? I’d like to represent public works, rent controls and a tenant’s union. File it under the political label of Hatfield – Democrat.

The Queen is dead. God save the King. I’m a little d – democrat and I’ve never met a little c – conservative in America.

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