Rick Johns

Rick Johns

Rick Johns, a downtown business owner, is running for mayor of Bend.

Johns, 61, is one of three candidates to have officially filed to run for mayor as of this week. He joins the race with City Councilor Melanie Kebler and former Councilor Chris Piper. Luke Richter, leader of the activist group Central Oregon Peacekeepers, announced his intention to run for mayor last year, but has not filed for the race as of Wednesday.

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Rick Johns is a moderate who we need to turn around the mess current radical Bend city council is making of this great city! We need council members and a mayor like Chris Piper who will listen to the people instead of pushing through their own personal radical agenda of the current council.


If you want Bend to continue its descent into being nothing but a playground for the rich and old and to encourage sprawl and untamable traffic congestion, Mr Johns is your guy!


He's likely got my vote. He wants the City to be more responsive to what (I think) most residents care about and want.


Johns said “ and that elected leaders don’t listen to residents.” What he meant was elected leaders don’t listen to people like him. Obviously they listen to enough residents to get elected.

Johns sounds like an “Delphi group of one”.


Is this an Onion article?

Thomas Who

Sounds like a good man. Someone who will make the interests of taxpayers and citizens his first concern, produce real solutions to the problems facing Bend, and keep our city from becoming another Seattle, or Portland, or San Francisco. Exactly the kind of man we need for mayor here.


Always nice to have a retro candidate to remind us how wonderful things once were. He's Chris Piper, I guess, but without the ability to express empathy. But, maybe, cruelty is the point.


If by retro you mean someone with common sense, you’re spot on. Bend residents are tired of preening politicians who adopt fashionable (but unsound) positions in order to feel better about themselves.


Hence why trump was voted out. On the local front it appears that more people don't feel that his ideas are good enough for all.

Long and Variable

'The city of Bend had no choice in whether to adopt these rules, but Johns believes they should be challenged in court.'

Hard no.


TI....remember who wrote this article. as I've called her out on numerous occasions, she drinks the same Kool-Aide as the rest of city council, might as well be on their payroll, and at the same time possess a similar level of ignorance and hubris as sitting council members without a clue about the truth or facts or the emotional intelligence to know better.


While I like his idea about the parklets, I'd have to agree with TI.

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