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Betsy Johnson, who seeks to run for governor of Oregon as a nonaffiliated candidate, poses in her campaign office in downtown Portland on May 27. If she gathers enough signatures and qualifies for the ballot, the former lawmaker will be in a three-way race for the governor's seat in November.

Oregon unaffiliated gubernatorial candidate Betsy Johnson is under scrutiny this week for her handling of a 2013 car crash in which Johnson, then a Democratic state senator, rear-ended and injured another driver who was coming to a stop at a red light in Scappoose.

At the time, news reports focused on Johnson’s serious injuries, which caused her to miss more than a month of the Legislative session and use a wheelchair for six months.

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"Johnson's lawyer" or "Johnson's insurance company's lawyer". Not really a story if you know how these things work.


This is beneath contempt and an example of pur "Opposition Research" politics.

First, this was a DECADE ago. NO CITATIONS were issued by police, meaning the accident was NOT Johnson's fault (she was very severely injured). The other driver waited almost two YEARS to file her lawsuit, and it had NOTHING to do with any legislative immunity, which only lasts for the remainder of that legislative session.

If the best the Democratic Establishment can do is dredge up a decade old traffic accident, they must be REALLY desperate.


How do you know it was Democrat's opposition research?


Ms. Johnson flew helicopters? Did the FAA know about her driving record? Has anyone looked at her flying record?


Wondering if--as with all those athletes--Mr. Knight will expect Ms. Johnson to wear his swoosh. Knight has added Johnson to his collection of bought politicians--most notably Chris Dudley as his half million dollar man in 2010.

Are we seeing still another American politician trying on the Teflon so as to sidestep any kind of accountability for their conduct? Could she stand in the middle of the Oregon equivalent of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and not lose voters?

And her disdain for people who are unhoused would ring more credibly had she not personally benefited from two generations of her family’s land speculation and logging.

Good to see Hillary Borrud’s byline locally once again.


Phil Knight--who never took responsibility for the children who suffered in terrible working conditions making shoes that got him rich--would be proud of Betsy Johnson's efforts to dodge blame.


It is important to remember that this is the OREGONIAN< which has been invested in keeping the Democratic establishment in power in Portland and Oregon for decades, and the efforts they will go to to talk about ANYTHING except Johnson performance as a legislator.

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