Gun measure 114

Measure 114 would require a permit to purchase a gun in the state and ban the sale or transfer of gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

Sherman County Sheriff Brad Lohrey on Friday filed a federal lawsuit to prevent voter-approved firearm restrictions from taking effect Friday.

Lohrey was joined in the filing by the Oregon Firearms Federation and Adam Johnson, a Marion County gun store owner.

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City Editor

Julie Johnson has been the city editor at The Bulletin since 2016. She was raised in Central Oregon and strives to tell the stories of the people of the High Desert.

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The sheriff should have resigned, then joined the fight as a private person. As a state official I don’t think he has legal standing to sue the state in this case. At any rate, most judges would be shocked to see a public official tasked with enforcing state law saying they don’t want to enforce a state law.


Lawsuit, fine. In the meantime do your jobs and enforce the law.


If the sheriff doesn't do his job he i violating his oath and leaving the county liable for damages in the case of another mass shooting.


No, he is not violating his oath until it takes effect. They are trying to block it taking effect.

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