SISTERS — A downtown block became the scene of a shootout Saturday at the Sisters Wild West Show, where actors dressed as cowboys and bank robbers turned the city into a rowdy frontier town.

Characters such as Tetherow Tex LaRue, Dirty Dan and Sassy Savannah performed in nine short skits throughout the day in front of a Western facade backdrop. All of the skits eventually ended in a shootout with the characters firing black powder blanks at each other.

The seventh annual Wild West Show also offered arts and crafts, children games and food vendors.

Mick Howard, who played Sheriff Mojave Mick, organizes the show and writes the scripts for each skit. The scripts are just a guideline for the actors, Howard said, and he enjoys when they all start to improvise.

“You are never going to see the same skit done the same way twice,” Howard said. “There is always something a little different.”

Howard always tries to keep the skits humorous and not so violent, especially given the political culture surrounding gun violence, he said. “We try to put a little levity in there and let the audience know it’s not real,” Howard said. “It is just a show.”

Bend resident Chris Sterry brought his two sons, 6-year-old Thomas and 3-year-old James, to Sisters for a fun day together and they stumbled upon the Wild West Show.

“We didn’t know what it was,” Sterry said. “I figured we would figure it out.”

Sterry and his sons sat in the front row and were able to meet the characters after the skit.

Because Sisters is known as a Western-themed tourist destination, Sterry jokingly expected to see the show break out in the Western-style businesses lining the downtown.

“I was wondering if it was going to be in the buildings they have,” Sterry said.

Sisters residents Greg and Carol Schott came to the Wild West Show with their 8-year-old grandson, Tru Seitzinger.

It was the family’s first time at the show since moving to Sisters from Portland a few months ago.

The show reminded the Schotts of one they watched years ago when they lived in Florida. The Schotts and their grandson enjoyed the comedic acting, the cheesy wooden facade and most of all the shootouts. “We are just here for the shoot-’em-ups,” Carol Schott said.

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