By Garett Andrews

The Bulletin

A woman who worked at a Madras assisted living home was arrested for allegedly stealing hydrocodone from three residents.

Caitlin Michelle Hulsey, 24,, of Madras, is on release from Jefferson County jail while awaiting trial on seven criminal counts — including three for first-degree criminal mistreatment — for crimes allegedly committed while she was an employee of East Cascade Retirement Community. She’s scheduled to be arraigned on an indictment next week.

On July 2, an East Cascades administrator reported to police that Hulsey had been fired the day before due to suspicions she’d been stealing hydrocodone from residents with prescriptions for the pain medications, according to a probable cause affidavit filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court.

The administrator said she caught on to Hulsey’s alleged scheme when she noticed Hulsey administrating an abnormally high number of pills to residents. The administrator interviewed the residents, who denied ever receiving the pills.

Internal log books also allegedly show Hulsey gave residents their hydrocodone “as needed” far more than other staff members, the court document states. In one instance, a resident’s pill bottle contained four or five fewer pills than it should.

Hulsey documented issuing hydrocodone to another resident 11 times between May 24 and June 30. But when police interviewed the woman she said she doesn’t take hydrocodone because she doesn’t like how it makes her feel.

“(The woman) also advised me she was not in any pain and had no need to take the hydrocodone,” officer Brent Schulke wrote in the probable cause affidavit.

On Monday, Schulke interviewed Hulsey at the Madras Police station and she denied stealing pills. Schulke pressed her on this and she admitted to the crimes but told the officer she hadn’t taken as many pills as he thought.

She was arrested and taken to Jefferson County jail, where she posted bail.

Calls to East Cascade Retirement Community were not returned.

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