— Bulletin wire reports

New flames in Willamette forest — Flare-ups continue in the footprint of a fire last year in the Willamette National Forest. Firefighters have snuffed out four reburns, as firefighting officials call them, according to Northwest Oregon Interagency Fire Organization fire staff officer Edward Hiatt. The latest fire was spotted Friday, and firefighters kept the blaze to less than an acre. Hiatt says even with rain and snow since last summer, smoldering deep within large logs and trees has led to the recent fires.

Milkshakes at Portland protest — Portland Police on Monday released a report written by a lieutenant who said he “firmly believed” that a milkshake thrown at protesters during competing demonstrations last month in downtown Portland contained a concrete-type substance. Police put out a warning on Twitter during the June 29 protests that the bureau had “received information” that some of the milkshakes contained quick-drying cement. The announcement spurred widespread backlash, including death threats against the milkshake makers, who said the only ingredients were coconut ice cream, cashew milk and rainbow sprinkles. Lt. Richard Stainbrook, one of the commanders of a Rapid Response Team tasked with crowd control, said he was at as intersection when a cup of milkshake was thrown at two men at the corner. He said in his report that an unknown woman approached him as he directed two officers to take a report from the victims. “I firmly believe these ‘Milk Shakes’ that were being thrown around and on people contained some form of concrete,” he wrote. “For situational awareness purposes, I broadcast over my radio that the ‘Milk Shakes’ being thrown around contained Quikrete,” which is a mixture of gravel, sand and cement often used for building or fixing foundation walls, sidewalks, curbs, steps and ramps and for setting posts. The bureau found no other evidence that the shakes contained any concrete material.