By Sarah Zimmerman

The Associated Press

CORVALLIS — A man opened fired with a handgun Thursday morning at a corn-dog manufacturing plant in Corvallis before surrendering to police.

Police said they arrested 22-year-old Adrian Nickerson on suspicion of firing a single shot in a woman’s restroom within a Foster Farms processing plant. Corvallis Police Capt. Nick Hurley said Nickerson was a temporary employee at the plant and there were no injuries.

It wasn’t known if Nickerson had a lawyer who could speak on his behalf.

Nearby businesses were placed on lockdown for nearly four hours, and authorities advised people to avoid the area.

“At this point, we have not determined a full motive for the situation, but there’s nothing that leads us to believe that he had a grievance toward anyone at Foster Farms,” Hurley said.

He said before the shooting, the suspect was in a traffic crash nearby and fled the scene while exchanging information with the driver.

Employees quickly fled the building following the incident, although Hurley said some workers couldn’t hear the shooting over the sounds of the processing plant. The suspect exited the facility and surrendered just as an Oregon State Police SWAT team was assembling, Hurley said. A criminal investigation is unfolding, and a weapon has yet to be recovered.

“The safety of our employees is our highest priority, and Foster Farms will provide counseling and support services to its Corvallis employees,” said Ira Brill, director of communications at Foster Farms. “We are thankful this incident was concluded without harm to our employees or the greater community.”

Corvallis is city of about 54,000 people approximately 80 miles south of Portland. The incident took place miles away from Oregon State University.

Parker Kleutsch works as a cashier at a Napa Auto Parts store next to the crime scene. He said it was his day off, but he drove over once he heard the news of a possible shooting.

“It’s definitely unusual,” Kleutsch said. “This is usually a calm town, not a lot of exciting things happen except for an out of control frat party every once in a while.”