A Redmond man is in jail accused of choking and hitting his dog in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Jonathan Thomas ­Bailey is charged with first-degree aggravated animal abuse and other counts following a DUII arrest Saturday on 14th Street in Bend.

Witnesses told police Bailey, 35, was choking a squealing 15-pound dog with both hands so its tongue was sticking out the side of its mouth, according to a Bend Police report. The Deschutes County jail describes Bailey as 6 feet, 2 inches tall and 252 pounds.

At about 4 p.m., a caller to Bend Police reported that a man driving a red Mazda was abusing his dog. The caller said the driver had stopped at K Market on 14th Street before driving “aggressively” several blocks to McDonald’s.

Two Bend officers on bicycles located the Mazda at McDonald’s. In the front seat was a “larger” man in his 30s. In the back was a “skittish” tri-color mixed-breed dog — named Star — wrote Bend officer Tommy Charles in the report.

The officers allegedly noticed several signs of impairment in Bailey and asked him to perform field sobriety tests, which he allegedly performed poorly.

He was taken to the DUII processing station at the Bend Police station, where a breath test allegedly showed a blood alcohol level of 0.08, the report stated.

“I informed Bailey of the result and he was incredulous,” officer Charles wrote.

Witnesses at McDonald’s told police they were afraid Bailey was about to kill his dog.

One witness was sitting in his truck when he heard a man two parking spaces away repeatedly yell “Shut the f--- up!”

The witness said he saw a man seated in the front seat of a Mazda with both hands wrapped around the neck of a small mixed-breed dog in the back, according to the police report. The dog was making choking sounds and its tongue was hanging out the side of its mouth, wrote animal control officer Patty Smith in the report.

The witness said he was in shock.

“He’d never seen anyone treat an animal like that before,” Smith wrote.

At the station, Bailey was questioned about the alleged animal abuse.

“Bailey denied ever choking or strangling the dog and stated he only ever yells at the dog akin to a drill instructor in the Army,” Charles wrote.

Bailey told police he had once used physical discipline on his dog but it “occurred on federal land outside of city jurisdiction.”

Police called Bailey’s wife to pick up the dog. When she arrived, she was questioned about the alleged abuse.

The wife said Star had given birth 8.5 weeks ago to three puppies that died immediately after birth.

“Based on training and personal experience, an entire litter of puppies being stillborn or dying immediately after birth is unusual,” Smith wrote.

With the wife’s permission, Star was evaluated that night by veterinarian Naomi Kitagaki, who noted the dog was “extremely anxious.”

“Her level of anxiety made it difficult to do a thorough physical exam, as it was hard to tell if she had places on her body that were sore or if she was tensing up due to being scared,” according to the police report.

Kitagaki told police she’d need to give Star a sedative to complete the exam. Bailey’s wife declined permission to sedate Star.

Bailey allegedly talked to his wife while in jail and told her he wanted to “get rid of” Star, the wife told police.

Star is now living with a relative of her owner.

Bailey is housed in Deschutes County jail. No bail amount is set. His next court date is July 15.

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