By Jim Ryan

The Oregonian

Dueling demonstrators are set to assemble Saturday in Portland, signaling the city’s first potential clash of the summer between right- and left-wing factions.

Online postings indicate two right-wing demonstrations are scheduled for Saturday.

One involves the Proud Boys, a fraternal organization known for street fighting, and another organized by conservative activist Haley Adams and the “HimToo Movement.” Counterprotesters are planning to gather in opposition.

On Thursday afternoon, Portland police said they were preparing for three demonstrations instead of the two discussed online — at Pioneer Square, Chapman Square and Waterfront Park. Lt. Tina Jones declined to comment on the groups that police were anticipating at each protest, or how many people they expected to be there.

Patriot Prayer, a right-wing group that often draws opposition in Portland, is hosting a separate event Saturday in southwest Washington. Leader Joey Gibson is expected to attend the Washington event.

The demonstrations come nearly a year to the day after Patriot Prayer and antifascist activists broke out in violence June 30, 2018. Portland police declared that clash a riot.