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Suit: Sheriff held woman on immigration detainer — The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office held a woman in jail two hours after she had posted bail solely so immigration officers could detain her, violating her constitutional right against unlawful seizure, a new federal lawsuit alleges. The suit is the latest challenge to a county jail hold based on immigration enforcement alone, a practice found unconstitutional in 2014 by a federal magistrate judge in a Clackamas County case. The Oregon Law Center is suing both Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin and the sheriff’s office on behalf of Irene Lopez-Flores, who lived in Roseburg before she was deported to Mexico.

Employees sue union for not letting them drop out — Three Oregon school employees sued their union, Oregon Education Association, in federal court Tuesday, arguing it’s unfair that the union only lets members drop out and stop paying dues during the month of September. In their suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Medford, Eagle Point school employees Jeremy Durst and Deanne Tanner and Portland Public Schools employee Michael Garcie say limiting their ability to drop membership to one month a year violates their constitutional rights. In a decision known as Janus, the Supreme Court said that the First Amendment prevents unions from compelling public employees to pay dues without their affirmative consent. Durst and Tanner both signed agreements to join the union last August but now say they didn’t understand their other options. Garcie refused to sign his form last year, the lawsuit says, but was told when he asked in February to end his dues-paying that he would have to pay until the September window opens.