The owner of a Bend dispensary is facing felony charges that he abused his wife and another woman he was having a sexual relationship with.

On Thursday, Andrew James Anderson, owner of Plantae Health, was notified by letter of charges pending against him in Deschutes County Circuit Court. He’s accused of 20 criminal counts, including kidnapping, robbery and involuntary servitude.

Two alleged victims are named in court records. One is his wife, Jocelyn Anderson, and the other is Kristen White, who was the general manager at Plantae at the time of the alleged abuse. Court records show the two women feared violence from Anderson, who they say is prone to manipulation and bursts of anger.

In May 2017, White filed an application for a restraining order against Anderson in Crook County Circuit Court. She wrote that she was in a sexual relationship with Andrew Anderson and had been living with him for more than a year.

White also stated she witnessed instances of Anderson being abusive, including angrily ripping a door off its hinges, punching his father in the face and on multiple occasions physically harming his wife.

White wrote that Anderson once tried to take her phone out of her hands and choked her as they struggled on the ground.

“I was constantly being manipulated to do what Andy wanted only,” White wrote. “He used my weaknesses to make me believe I was at fault all the time.”

Anderson is listed in court documents as 6-foot-4.

Among the charges filed this week against Andrew Anderson is involuntary servitude, although no details were included in the case filing.

But White wrote in the restraining order petition that Anderson withheld all of her wages, with the excuse that they were “living expenses.”

A judge approved the retraining order.

White’s restraining order was included in a filing related to the ongoing divorce case between Andrew and Jocelyn Anderson.

The Andersons were married in 2015 in Jamaica, according to court records.

The couple formed a number of marijuana-related businesses while they were married, and operated a cannabis farm on Johnson Ranch Road.

Court filings show the couple have been involved in a contentious divorce since August 2017.

In July 2017, Jocelyn Anderson fled Oregon to her hometown of Chico, California, to escape her husband’s physical and emotional abuse, according to court filings. He immediately cut her out of the businesses they formed and attempted to “financially ruin” her, Jocelyn Anderson wrote in an affidavit filed in a separate contempt case from January 2019.

According to state business records, Andrew Anderson has 11 business licenses in Oregon, as well one for Cogent Industries, which is a parent company to several of the businesses.

Holders of recreational cannabis licenses are required to notify the Oregon Liquor Control Commission within 24 hours if they are arrested or convicted of a crime, according to Mark Pettinger, OLCC spokesman. Since the charges against Anderson aren’t related to cannabis, most likely his license will not immediately be affected, Pettinger said.

“If it were a public safety issue, an arrest for alleged diversion, that’s a public safety issue, and we’d step in,” Pettinger said.

Anderson and Jocelyn Anderson are listed on the corporation filings as the underlying owner of the companies doing business as Plantae Health, Alfalfa Valley Farms and DH Wholesale LLC. The Andersons have four active recreational cannabis licenses and one pending processor license. There are two retail licenses for Plantae Health in Bend and Madras, a producer license for Alfalfa Valley Farms and a wholesale license for DH Wholesale LLC.

Anderson has held these licenses as far back as January 2017.

— Bulletin business reporter Suzanne Roig contributed to this article

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