A Redmond Police officer is recovering from numerous blows to the head Thursday during a violent arrest in which a Good Samaritan assisted.

Officer Allen Speck was “doing well” Friday, according to Redmond Police.

“He has a mild concussion and minor scrapes and bruises consistent with being in a fight,” Redmond Lt. Curtis Chambers said.

Just after 9 a.m. Thursday, Speck was dispatched to Proust Coffee to a report of a man “yelling and cussing” and threatening customers, according to police.

Speck arrived to find Trenton Yates, 22, walking nearby on the sidewalk on SW Sixth Street at SW Black Butte Boulevard. Speck ordered Yates to stop, but Yates continued walking, according to the arrest report.

Speck grabbed Yates, who turned and swung at Speck. Speck pushed down Yates, who punched him repeatedly in the head as the two struggled on the ground.

A passing motorist saw the men “scuffling” and pulled over.

“It was clear to see it was someone in uniform, and he was having a pretty rough time with the guy,” said the motorist, Travis Wilson, in an interview with The Bulletin.

Yates was screaming the “N-word,” according to Wilson, and “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Wilson attempted to restrain Yates, who was still punching the officer. He held Yates’ upper body, grabbing one of his wrists and holding it behind his back.

Other officers arrived and stunned Yates with Tasers multiple times. He continued screaming and fighting back, according to Wilson.

Yates was eventually placed in an immobilization device with a helmet and taken to St. Charles Redmond. As of Friday, he had not been medically cleared to be taken to jail, and no charges against him had been filed, according to Redmond Police.

Yates has numerous convictions over the past five years for resisting arrest, interfering with an officer and disorderly conduct.

“He was having some kind of breakdown,” Wilson said. “He was agitated to say the very, very least.”

Wilson is a Sweet Home resident who works during the week as operations manager at a Culver farm.

Speck, 44, was hired by the department in 2003. He sustained minor injuries to his head, face, arms and legs and was taken to St. Charles Redmond and released.

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