Redmond Airport opened Wednesday morning after a two-day closure, but travelers still faced hurdles getting home.

“People are going to come home to a buried car,” security manager Nicole Jurgensen said. The airport had a few shovels to lend and would probably acquire more, she said.

People who choose to leave their cars will pay for the additional time they spend on the lot, Jurgensen said.

“There’s no adjustments,” she said. “That’s been a big question. The parking fees are what they are.”

The maximum parking fee is $15 a day.

The airport closed to flights for two days because of Monday’s snowstorm. Part of the instrument landing system, which helps pilots land even when they can’t see the runway, was not working, according to the airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration will replace the power supply to a failed glidescope, which is part of the landing system, but that alone would not have forced the airport to close, FAA spokesperson Allen Kenitzer said.

The airport will remain open as long as weather permits, Jurgensen said.

Sandra and Scott Harris of Sunriver arrived at Redmond Airport from Arizona on Wednesday, as they had planned.

“We knew a storm was coming. However, we had no idea it was going to be this severe,” Sandra Harris said.

The couple used a piece of flooring that happened to be in their pickup as a shovel. It worked well enough for Scott to get into the cab and put the four-wheel drive in gear, Sandra Harris said.

“The poor people at the airport were just literally overwhelmed with the conditions,” she said. “We didn’t expect anyone to help us with our vehicle.”

Crews have removed enough snow from the parking lot to allow traffic to come and go, but large piles of snow are taking up some parking spaces, Jurgensen said. She advised arriving and departing passengers to check the airport cameras before making decisions about transportation to and from the airport.

“The top priority for our staff that’s removing snow is, of course, the airfield,” she said. “Then keeping the drive open and all the emergency access routes.”

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