— The Associated Press and The Oregonian

Pacific Northwest residents who are more accustomed to rain than snow were digging out from a winter storm — when they weren’t taking a minute to enjoy the snow, that is — and were bracing for more. The sun was out Sunday afternoon, but even then the National Weather Service promised that snow would return and last overnight.

Storms have delivered more snow to Seattle in the first days of February than it usually gets in a year.

There will be a brief break before another weather system arrives. “Don’t overlook that first system,” meteorologist Jacob DeFlitch told The Seattle Times on Sunday. “But the second one will arrive right on its heels and looks to be more substantial. Between them, there’s not much time to spare.”

Temperatures were in the teens or single digits, with record lows expected. It was 9 degrees in Arlington, Washington, early Sunday. The weather service said that was colder than the Arctic coast or North Slope of Alaska.

Forecasters were predicting an inch of rain in Portland throughout the day Monday and some — but not much — snow Tuesday. But the cold and wintry days aren’t expected to be over yet. After some clearing Wednesday, snow could return Thursday and into the weekend.

In Northern California, the latest in a series of storms dusted beaches with snow and caused whiteout conditions on mountain roads. The National Weather Service office in Eureka reported accumulating snow at sea level. The last time Humboldt County beaches saw snow was during the winter of 2002-03, forecasters said.