A pair of Warm Springs men suspected of trying to murder a volunteer at the Madras Gospel Mission homeless shelter in December had seconds earlier asked the man for food and a coat, according to new court documents.

Devonne James Rhoan, 27, and Gabriel James George, 44, are being held in the Jefferson County Jail on $250,000 bail each. Both are accused of five felonies: attempted murder, first-­degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault and one count of first-­degree criminal mischief. They are also accused of the misdemeanor of unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle.

About 4:30 p.m. Dec. 22, Guy Leon Larkly pulled into the parking lot of the Madras Gospel Mission at 63 SE 11th St in a van that belonged to the mission.

Two men he’d seen eat meals at the mission approached him. They were Native American, he reported to police, and one was noticeably younger than the other with tattoos near his eyes. They asked him for food and a jacket, according to a newly unsealed search warrant request outlining the circumstances of their arrest.

A description of the alleged attack was not included in the search warrant request, but police said earlier he was stabbed several times.

Larkly suffered wounds to his neck and back before the attackers ran off, according to court documents. Around that time, woman named Renee Hollenbeak was leaving her work about a block from the mission when she saw Larkly, out of his vehicle, bloody and clutching his neck. She called 911 and gave Larkly a blanket to keep pressure on his wound.

With a description of the assailants provided by Larkly, officers combed the east side of Madras.

Investigators found Larkly’s blood splattered around the van and mission property, including on the facility’s back door.

As police searched, a Madras Police officer went to Jefferson County Jail and collected images for a photo lineup of suspects matching the descriptions provided by Larkly. At around 6 p.m., he took a printout to St. Charles Madras, where Larkly was being treated for his injuries. When shown an image of Rhoan, who has facial tattoos, Larkly “almost immediately” recognized him, according to Madras Police.

About 6:17 p.m., a 911 caller reported two men in dark clothing were “ripping” at the handle of a vehicle near the Texaco at 178 SW Fourth St. and trying to break in.

Officer Brent Schulke responded, drove down an alley between Third and Fourth streets and spotted two men in dark clothes, later identified as Rhoan and George. Schulke got out of his car and trained his firearm on Rhoan and George and told them to get their hands up, according to court documents. Fellow officer Ryan Kathrein pulled up seconds later.

Rhoan and George reportedly took a “defensive position” — back-to-back in fighting stances — as the officers moved in, police said.

“They began to laugh at him and Officer Schulke while balling their fists to fight,” the affidavit reads. “Rhoan and George were taunting officers to come and get them.”

The police deployed Tasers into the two men, but didn’t get a good connection. When George did go to the ground, Rhoan ripped the Taser probes from George’s chest.

Three Madras officers were eventually able to handcuff and take the men to jail.

The next day, officers allegedly found a “dagger-style” knife in a flower pot at the corner of Fourth and C streets. The affidavit sought to collect DNA evidence connected to the knife and other evidence found near the mission.

A manager at the Madras Gospel Mission has not returned several calls seeking comment.

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