After a full school year with no principal, Redmond High School may finally have a new leader to start the 2019-20 school year, as it is now accepting candidates for the position.

The previous principal, Paul Nolan, left in June, which meant the district didn’t have time between then and when school started in September to find a solid replacement, said Lynn Evans, the district’s human resources director.

“In high school principal recruiting, it’s really important to get an early start to get the largest candidate pools and the highest quality candidates,” she said.

To fill the gap, Traci Renwick, the district’s director of secondary education, has led Redmond High this school year, along with vice principals Jason Chatterton and Sarah Peterson.

“Traci’s been amazing, holding down two positions,” Evans said. “We’re fortunate to have had her on the team.”

Evans said Redmond School District has already spread the word about the principal opening, handing out information to administrators at a couple of Oregon school administrator conferences this winter. Monday morning, about 1,500 licensed administrators received an email informing them about the new job.

This winter, staff at Redmond High wrote a list of 30 characteristics sought in a new principal. The first wish on the list was the new principal would “proudly serve as the number one communicator, ambassador and brand representative for RHS,” and other desires included having a principal who could assist in trauma-informed care, create a positive school culture and support special-needs students, as well as one who “possesses infectious confidence without being arrogant.”

Candidates will be screened by a team of district and Redmond High staff, according to a news release. A few candidates will move on to a video interview, and the top two will be interviewed by Superintendent Mike McIntosh, who will make the final decision in April. The new principal will begin July 1.

McIntosh said he was looking forward to interviewing candidates.

“Redmond High is an amazing high school with a rich history in Redmond,” he said. “The next leader of RHS will have a great opportunity to build on that history and partner with students, teachers, and the community, to lead the school into its next chapter.”

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