Bulletin Staff Report

Pacific Power announced $260,000 in grant funding for electric vehicle charging station projects across Oregon, including one at the High Desert Museum.

On Wednesday, the utility announced the recipients of its electric vehicle charging station grant program, which aims to help businesses, nonprofit groups and local governments achieve sustainable energy goals and develop infrastructure for electric transportation, according to a news release from Pacific Power.

The High Desert Museum will receive funding for six new public charging ports. The museum hopes to have them ready for the public by May, said Heidi Hagemeier, director of communications for the museum.

Pacific Power intends to award $1.45 million to projects that advance electric transportation through the end of 2019. Other entities that received funding during this round include: the city of Roseburg (eight public ports), Farr True Value in Coos Bay (two public ports), Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay (two public ports), KDP Certified Public Accountants (four ports for workers) and White Oak Medical Clinic (six ports for workers), according to the release.

Pacific Power is accepting applications for another round of funding until Feb. 15, according to the release. More information about the program is available at www.pacificpower.net/ev-grants.