By Eder Campuzano

The Oregonian

As officials in Clark County, Washington, continue to monitor a measles outbreak that’s been declared a public health emergency, the list of sites connected to the disease has grown by three, the public health department said Saturday.

The total count of confirmed measles cases in the Vancouver area remains at 19. Lab results ruled out two suspected cases Saturday. Another three are under review.

Eighteen of the confirmed measles cases are children, according to county reports. Of those, 15 cases are children between 1 and 10 years old and another three are between 11 and 18.

One of those affected is a person between 19 and 29 years old.

Sixteen of the people the county has confirmed to have measles were unvaccinated, according to a news release.

County health officials are testing three people who are suspected of having the disease.

Students who haven’t been vaccinated from measles are being barred from going to schools listed as sites where the disease may have been contracted or spread, county health officials said.

People who believe they may have the measles are asked to contact the Clark County health department first if they plan on visiting a doctor’s office, an urgent care center or the emergency room.