A 49-year-old man was nearly killed Wednesday attempting to cross U.S. Highway 97 in Redmond at a point in the road known by police to be dangerous for pedestrians.

Randall Vaughn Sullenger was struck around 5:30 p.m. by a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was traveling with the flow of traffic at about 40 to 45 mph.

The driver, Morgan King-Stevens, is not suspected to have been impaired by drugs or alcohol, nor is she believed to have been distracted at the time of the crash. But an investigation now underway could determine if Sullenger is charged with an offense, according to Redmond Lt. Curtis Chambers.

“It’s not yet known if he’ll be cited,” Chambers said.

After he was hit, Sullenger was revived by off-duty nurses who happened to be in the area and performed CPR. Chambers said he didn’t know the nature of Sullenger’s injuries.

King-Stevens, 24, was not injured in the crash, which caused minor damage to her vehicle.

The collision took place in the 2400 block, in an in-town section of highway with no traffic signal or crosswalks. People regularly attempt to cross the highway on foot, Chambers said, many coming from the more residential west side of the highway to businesses on the east side.

A woman was critically injured in April in a similar incident near where Sullenger was struck. Chambers said several other people have been hit there in the past few years.