The family of Tyler William Herrick, who killed his neighbor and then tried to kill his neighbor’s roommate, says his behavior was out of character.

“This event is not reflective of the Tyler we have known his entire life,” said his mother, Sheri Herrick, in an email Tuesday evening.

Tyler Herrick, 33, of Bend, was fatally shot during the early Saturday morning encounter by his neighbor’s roommate, who tried to hide as Herrick methodically searched the home, armed with an AR-15, authorities have said. Herrick had already killed Kyle Scott Adams, 33.

“As a family, we are devastated by the loss of Tyler,” Sheri Herrick wrote. “We realize that we are not the only people affected by this tragedy and that there are other families and friends who are suffering. Our love, support, and prayers go out to everyone involved.”

Authorities do not have a motive for Herrick’s attack.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said Tuesday that Herrick may have suffered a major mental health crisis and he was continuing an investigation to learn more.

About 12:30 a.m. Saturday, Herrick entered his neighbor’s home at 20774 NE Sierra Drive and went to the master bedroom, where he woke Adams, according to Hummel.

Herrick spoke “unintelligible gibberish” to Adams, who demanded the intruder leave, Hummel said.

After Herrick left, Adams texted his roommate ­Brennan Willey Pebbles, 31, and told him what had happened. Pebbles left work at 10 Barrel Brewing immediately and went home.

As Adams and Pebbles sat in their living room discussing the break-in, Herrick appeared outside the living room window and fired his AR-15 into the house, killing Adams with a shot to the head and sending Pebbles diving for cover, Hummel said.

Pebbles ran upstairs to retrieve his handgun while Herrick shot the window of the locked front door so he could get inside. Herrick then went from one room to the next, hunting for Pebbles, who was hiding in the bathroom of the master bedroom upstairs, Hummel said.

When Herrick entered the master bedroom, Pebbles shot and killed him.

Hummel said Monday that Pebbles’ decision to shoot Herrick “was legally authorized and saved his life.”

Pebbles will not face charges, Hummel said.

— Bulletin reporter Garrett Andrews contributed to this report.