A Bend man was “hunted” in his own home by a neighbor wielding an AR-15 before he shot and killed the intruder in a double-fatality shooting that rocked a quiet north Bend neighborhood this weekend, according to Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel.

Hummel said at around 12:30 a.m. Saturday, Kyle Scott Adams, 33, was alone in his home at 20774 NE Sierra Drive when he was awoken by his neighbor, Tyler William Herrick, 33, standing in his bedroom.

Herrick spoke “unintelligible gibberish” to him, and Adams demanded that he leave, Hummel told The Bulletin.

After Herrick left, Adams texted his roommate Brennan Willey Pebbles, 31, to tell him what had happened.

Pebbles left work at 10 Barrell Brewing immediately and went home.

As Adams and Pebbles were sitting in their living room discussing the break-in, Herrick returned to their property and, standing outside the living room window, fired his AR-15 into the house, striking Adams in the head and sending Pebbles diving for cover, according to Hummel.

While Pebbles fled upstairs to retrieve his handgun, Herrick fired at the front door to gain entry. It wouldn’t unlock.

Hummel said Herrick climbed through the shattered window and “methodically” walked room-to-room hunting Pebbles, who was hiding in the bathroom of the master bedroom upstairs.

When Herrick entered the master bedroom, Pebbles shot and killed him.

Hummel said Herrick had no reason to be in his neighbor’s home and no justification to fire on them.

“Adams and Pebbles had done nothing to entice Herrick or cause him to fire,” Hummel said.

Pebbles will not face charges in a case Hummel called one of the most senseless and shocking in his career.

“My heart goes out to the guy,” Hummel said.

As to what motivated Herrick to kill, Hummel said it’s not known, though it could have been a “monumental mental health collapse.”

“We don’t know yet, but we won’t stop digging,” Hummel said.

On Monday afternoon, two of Adams’ relatives loaded personal items into vehicles at the back of his house. The front door and living room window were boarded up, but otherwise there were few signs of bloodshed.

Lizbeth Torres, who lives next door, said her 15-year-old son was home alone prior to the incident and heard someone ring their doorbell around 11:45 p.m.

“I think it was that guy,” she said. “I think he came here first.”

Many neighbors in the McCall Landing subdivision, where the homes are located, reported hearing the gunshots that night. They said rumors about what happened have swirled on the neighborhood-based social network Nextdoor.

Several residents took issue with the contention that the victims’ home was the frequent scene of wild parties.

“This isn’t that kind of neighborhood,” said Brittany Fagundas, who lives several houses down. “What’s so weird is people here don’t really interact or talk with each other at all. What are you going to beef about?”

McCall Landing resident Sue Falltrick said she worked with Adams at Market of Choice in Bend, where he was a manager-in-training.

“I didn’t know him real well, but he was a really upbeat, really nice guy,” she said. “It’s really shocking. Everybody at work is just shocked.”

Torres said she worked with Pebbles at Worthy Brewing.

Herrick worked as an associate manager at Merkle in Bend and previously worked for seven years for G5, according to his LinkedIn page. He graduated from Summit High School in 2004 and attended Oregon State University.

Herrick owned his home at 20778 NE Sierra Drive, according to county property records.

Torres, her husband and son moved into their house five months ago — a starter home after years as renters, she said. Their front porch is currently adorned with inflatable Halloween displays and other decorations.

Torres said her family now lives on edge. She fears the sound of her doorbell.

“We’re kind of freaked out,” she said.

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Editor’s note: This article has been corrected. The original version misreported where Pebbles worked. The Bulletin regrets the error.