Stormy Daniels promises new details on alleged Trump affair in forthcoming memoir

Adult-film actress Stormy Daniels announced Wednesday that she will provide new details about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump in a forthcoming memoir.

Daniels appeared on ABC’s “The View” to discuss the book and the latest developments in her lawsuits against the president. “Stormy Daniels: Full Disclosure” is due out Oct. 2.

Daniels said the book will highlight her history, experiences and interests outside the Trump maelstrom. But asked how much she had yet to disclose about their alleged affair, she said, “There’s a lot in the book.”

Trump denies claims of an affair.

Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, made the announcement after facing legal headwinds over the weekend when Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen said they would not enforce the 2016 nondisclosure agreement she is suing to invalidate.

Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti, who appeared with her on “The View,” said the move was intended to protect Trump and Cohen from being deposed in the case.

Stars Cabaret in Bend acted appropriately in the way it handled a drunk patron who threw his wallet at Stormy Daniels during her May performance, according to findings in a recently released Oregon Liquor Control Commission report.

The report offers new details about the night Daniels, a porn star at the center of a Trump administration scandal involving a $130,000 hush-money payoff, abruptly ended her performance after she was hit in the head by a wallet thrown by a patron.

The OLCC investigated the incident after Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel submitted a complaint in June accusing the strip club of over-serving alcohol to the patron, destroying video of the incident and allowing the patron’s disorderly behavior.

OLCC inspector ­Terry Hutton concluded Hummel’s allegations were unproven and closed the case.

Daniels was scheduled to perform May 17 but was delayed and did not take the stage until shortly after 1 a.m. May 18.

The report includes witness statements from a security guard and club manager who said the bartender stopped serving the wallet-thrower — later identified as Rory Honus McCabe, 28, of Bend — about two hours before Daniels’ show, but was allowed to stay in the venue.

There is no rule that requires an intoxicated person to leave a business after being cut off, according to the state liquor control commission.

During Daniels’ performance, McCabe was standing by the stage with his wallet in one hand and cash in the other, Stars manager Ian Napier said in the report. McCabe accidentally threw the wallet instead of the money and put his head in his hands realizing he made a mistake, Napier said.

The wallet hit Daniels on her ear, and she responded by throwing a beer bottle that missed McCabe and hit a nearby wall, according to the report.

Her two bodyguards, one of them former Dallas Cowboy Travis Miller, grabbed McCabe by the neck and took him outside through the club’s front door. As they grabbed McCabe, one of the bodyguards accidentally elbowed another patron, the report stated.

A club security guard, ­Andrew Purslow, wrote a record of the wallet-throwing incident in a log the club keeps to track cut-off customers. The written account was included in OLCC’s report.

After McCabe was dragged outside, Purslow wrote that Daniels left the stage with a red ear.

A moment later outside the club, Purslow witnessed one of the bodyguards grab McCabe by the throat and slam him down on a planter and started yelling repeatedly, “What did you hit her with?”

Purslow described the bodyguard’s action as a one-handed front throat choke, according to the report.

Bend Police officers then arrived and interviewed McCabe outside the club.

“I was being wasted,” McCabe told police at the time.

Daniels declined to press charges, and McCabe was told to leave and that he would never be allowed to return to Stars.

McCabe was uncuffed and walked home that night. Before leaving, a police officer returned McCabe’s wallet to him.

“Get your wallet and your stuff right there,” the officer said. “And get moving along.”

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