— From wire reports

Tire crashes through attic — Elmer Emmons heard what sounded like a tree limb striking the roof of the Pendleton home he’s renting. He thought his grandkids might have knocked something over. He returned to sleep. Emmons later discovered a large tire had crashed through the roof. The house is about 100 feet from Interstate 84, where a crash had occurred. But the house isn’t visible from the freeway and the tire had to careen over a hill, over two wire fences and through a tree to land in the attic. Emmons is renting the place because his own house caught fire. Emmons says people are telling him he’s been having some bad luck. He disagrees, saying: “I’m having some good luck. We’ve had two catastrophes and no one is hurt.”

Junction City building explodes — A building northwest of Eugene in Junction City exploded and burst into flames. Authorities, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and Junction City police are investigating the cause of the early Monday explosion and fire. Authorities say a swastika and a racial slur were found spray painted at the scene. Junction City Police Chief Bob Morris says the cause of the fire is suspicious. Authorities on Monday had not been able to contact the building’s owners. State business records show Irene and Devon Huntley bought the building in 2015. Morris said they were renovating the building, which had been used as an insurance office, to become a restaurant. No further information was immediately available.

Woman allegedly shot herself, child — Authorities have identified a woman who they say fatally shot her 8-year-old son and then herself at a home in Grants Pass, Oregon. Grants Pass police Lt. Todd Moran says Rachel Shoemaker, 27, died at a local hospital and the boy died as he was being prepared for an airlift to a Portland hospital. Shoemaker’s boyfriend alerted police Sunday morning. He is not the child’s father. A neighbor said she heard commotion at about 9:30 a.m., and saw a man using a cellphone leave the house. She said he was yelling, “Where’s the ambulance?” Moran said detectives believe it was a murder-suicide, and the investigation is coming to a close.

Orca count indicates no new babies — A count of orcas in the Pacific Northwest indicates that no calves have been born for the last three years, resulting in a 30-year population low. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports the annual census of Puget Sound’s killer whales has counted 75 across three Southern Resident pods. The census also reported two orcas missing and presumed dead. Researchers say the dwindling whale numbers are linked to pollution and a decreasing primary food source. Pollution can accumulate in the orca’s prey and get stored in their fat, making the killer whales more susceptible to disease by a suppressed immune system. The main food source for orcas is chinook salmon, which are not as numerous as they once were.

Measles moves to Washington — Health officials say a child in southern Washington state is suspected of having measles contracted from someone in the Portland-area where two cases were found. Clark County Public Health officials warn that Vancouver, Washington, residents may have been exposed to the virus at three retail centers in the city late last month. Someone with the virus entered a child care center in Gresham, Oregon, resulting in a second case being identified last week. Multnomah County health officials say there are about 40 people known to have been exposed who have not been immunized.