A decorated Air Force doctor who practices in Sunriver is under investigation for allegedly stalking an ex-girlfriend and mailing copies of nude pictures to her workplace and the workplace of her boyfriend at the time.

A search warrant request by Bend Police was released by authorities two weeks ago containing allegations made against Daniel Skotte by an ex-girlfriend, including that he placed a tracking device on her car.

The search warrant, filed in Deschutes County Circuit Court, sought to obtain DNA samples to test whether Skotte licked envelopes containing nude photographs of his ex-girlfriend, Victoria George.

According to the state’s judicial information database, Skotte was served with the warrant and he provided cheek swabs for testing.

Skotte is a 1972 graduate of the Air Force Academy. He retired from a 50-year military career with the Air Force and Oregon National Guard last June after achieving the rank of colonel.

As of Friday, he operated a medical practice in Sunriver and had an active license with the Oregon Medical Board. In 2008, the board reprimanded him and put him on 10 years’ probation for negligent patient care.

Skotte, 69, and George dated for four years, breaking up in July 2015. George told Bend Police Officer James Poole in 2016 that in the time since they split, Skotte had emailed her “constantly,” even though she’d told him not to contact her, according to the affidavit the officer wrote to justify the search warrant.

George provided Poole with emails and screenshots of correspondence between herself and Skotte that were on Match.com.

George first told Skotte she was in a committed relationship and asked for him to “respect our privacy and not contact me any further.”

Skotte said he doubted George’s new relationship was serious.

“Is this another Victoria lie of no consequence that is totally unnecessary and the truth would be so much more righteous? Think about US,” Skotte allegedly wrote, according to the affidavit. “I love you like you’ve never been or ever will be loved … unconditionally PERIOD (emoticon)”

Around this time, Skotte also penned insulting emails to George’s then-boyfriend, Jerry Burger, the affidavit states.

Skotte, who stands 6-foot-6, according to a 2008 citation for speeding, accused Burger of being short, abusing steroids and having small testicles, as well as “demeaning his status as an insurance salesman,” the affidavit states.

Burger is a Farmers Insurance agent who runs offices in Bend and Prineville.

Burger called police in October 2016 to say one of his employees had opened a letter and found intimate photos of George she had given to Skotte, according to the affidavit. A similar letter was sent to George’s workplace.

“It is of significant interest the letters were addressed to the companies … and not Jerry or Victoria,” Poole wrote in the affidavit. “Considering the methods taken to disseminate these messages it is clear the person sending (more likely than not Daniel Skotte) did it with the intent to harass Victoria and Jerry at their respective businesses.”

Reached Friday as he prepared for his wedding the next day, Burger said he believes the nude photos sent to his office were intended to be opened by his staff, because they contained return addresses from “Insurance Claims, 2605 State St., Salem OR 97310,” though they were postmarked from Portland.

Burger called the episode with Skotte “ridiculous.”

Reached Friday by phone in California, George declined to comment.

Skotte referred questions to his attorney. “I have no comment because I don’t know anything about it,” Skotte said.

Poole sent the letters to the Oregon State Police crime lab for DNA testing. In May he received a report back saying the lab had recovered a DNA profile of an unknown male from one of the envelopes.

Poole wrote that he believes testing Skotte’s DNA will prove the doctor sent the letters. Skotte could then be charged with the crimes of stalking against both George and Burger, as well as the crime of unlawful dissemination of an intimate image.

Skotte has three cases on record involving his ex-wife, Nancy Garrett, from more than a decade ago, according to Poole’s affidavit.

Skotte was suspected of violating a restraining order Garrett had taken against him, once by Sunriver Police in March 2001, once by Bend Police in 2000 and once by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office in 2000.

Sunriver Police confirmed the case number of the 2001 incident but has since purged the file, according to Chief Cory Darling. In the sheriff’s office case, a charge of violating a restraining order was forwarded to the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office, though Skotte was never convicted.

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