Bulletin Staff Report

A heat lamp set up to warm chicks caused a fire in a Bend home without working smoke alarms early Sunday morning.

At about 2:30 a.m., the Bend Fire Department responded to structure fire at 61555 Alstrup Road, according to a department press release. The occupants and their pets had evacuated prior to the arrival of firefighters. The fire department identified the home’s occupants as Nathan Osborn and Ayla Emehiser.

The fire was contained at the back of the building and was quickly extinguished. However, smoke and heat caused damage throughout the house. The fire was caused by an inadequate support for a lamp set up to keep chicks warm, according to the press release. The lamp was duct taped to a table, but the tape was not strong enough to support its weight.

One of the occupants woke up and discovered that the house was filled with smoke, according to the fire department. Smoke alarms in the home were not working.