Classic cars filled an entire parking lot in Bend on Saturday for Trinity Lutheran Church and School’s third annual car show.

The show featured 178 cars from all generations — from 1920s Model Ts to modern-­day Dodge Chargers. People strolled by the line of cars as a DJ played music from the 1950s and ’60s.

Passersby stopped to admire the cars and talk with their owners.

Bend resident Kevin Johnson came to the show with his wife, Becca, and their two boys, Myles, 8, and Cilas, 5. Johnson, a local woodworker, stopped when he saw his dream car. Well, almost his dream car.

“This is close,” Johnson said, as he studied a red 1968 Camaro. “I want a ’67, but those are pretty hard to come by.”

Becca Johnson, clinic operations manager at High Lakes Health Care in Bend, said her husband has always been interested in Camaros, even back when they were high school sweethearts in Madison, Wisconsin.

In high school, Johnson had a burnt-orange 1977 Camaro with rust holes he tried to fix. His wife was not impressed with that old car then.

“It was after I sold that one that she finally came up and talked to me,” he said.

Johnson moved on to a purple 1987 Camaro with silver pinstripes.

It was the couple’s favorite car until they sold it four years ago when they moved to Bend. Now, Johnson drives a pickup to haul his woodworking supplies and two boys around town.

But he hopes to one day get another Camaro.

“I just wish I had one in the garage again,” he said.

Retirees Jim and Cheri Bellmore came from Mt. Vernonon Saturday to show off their red 1955 Chevrolet 210 with flames detailed on the sides and pictures of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs painted under the hood and on the trunk.

It was the couple’s first time at the car show in Bend, and their first car show of the year. They sat together on lawn chairs by their Chevy, which they have been showing at events for six years.

Jim Bellmore, a retired electrician, said he and his wife wanted to give their car a theme and decided on the fairytale dwarfs. The paintings have become a draw for families and children, Jim Bellmore said.

“All the kids enjoy it,” he said. “They get a kick out of it.”

Wendy Meagher launched the car show three years ago with her husband, Harry, and a few other organizers to raise funds for Trinity Lutheran School Tuition Assistance Program.

About 80 cars turned out for the inaugural year, and the show had about 150 cars last year.

Meagher is impressed with how the show and community support has grown each year.

Along with organizing the show, Meagher and her husband also enter their red 1957 Ford Thunderbird.

Thunderbirds are a crowd pleaser but when it comes to driving them, the interior can feel cramped for a taller person.

Meagher calls it her Cinderella car.

“Like the shoe, you have to be the perfect fit to get in the car,” she said.

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