Christopher Randolph Rosario took no responsibility and he made no apologies Monday at his sentencing for sex abuse in Deschutes County Circuit Court.

Rosario, 39, told Judge A. Michael Adler he’d been railroaded by the system, and his name and reputation had been ruined. He’d only agreed to a plea deal to save years of his life.

“I’m still fighting,” Rosario said. “But I’m not fighting the truth. The truth is on my side.”

The former massage therapist recently agreed to plead no contest to three sex-related felonies and a misdemeanor in exchange for the district attorney’s office dropping more serious charges. Adler approved the deal.

Rosario will serve 4½ years in prison for four crimes: attempting to commit a Class A felony, attempting to commit a Class B felony, second-degree sex abuse and third-degree sex abuse.

Rosario was a licensed massage therapist employed at Massage Envy in north Bend when he was accused in 2016 by three women of sexually abusing them during massage sessions occurring between late 2015 and early 2016. He was originally charged with nine counts, including unlawful sexual penetration and sodomy.

All three women spoke at Monday’s sentencing. The first appeared by phone.

The woman said that as a result of the abuse, she was forced to leave a career and move out of state with her four young sons.

“This has been a long process, and what I want to see is for him to receive the maximum penalty,” she said. “I don’t want him to be able to hurt another woman again.”

The next victim spoke in person.

“I gave him complete trust, and he broke it,” she said. “My whole life has been shaken as a result of this. But I stand tall because I know I have God behind me.”

The third victim to speak is a 60-year-old mother of three. Adler said hers was “one of the more thorough and comprehensive statements from a victim of sexual abuse that I’ve ever heard.”

Flanked by two of her sons, she spoke for nearly 15 minutes. She said the past two years have been “nothing but pain.”

“I wonder if anyone on the defense team knows how humiliating it is to have a rape kit done,” she said.

The three victims have filed similar lawsuits seeking millions from Massage Envy and its local franchisee, AMC Royal LLC. The complaints allege Rosario’s conduct includes prying open one victim’s legs and “angrily” penetrating her with an entire fist. The suits seek a total of $10 million.

Rosario was not in police custody when he appeared at the sentencing. He wore a dirty coat over a T-shirt tucked into chef’s pants and carried a green bag containing all of his medications and a portable machine for treating sleep apnea. He told the judge he’s “practically lived in a cave” the past two years.

“Not a lot of people in this town look like me,” Rosario said.

At the defense table, he turned up his coat collar as if to hide his face from the media.

Rosario’s attorney, Lisa Calyn Valenta, told the judge she was troubled deeply by the case.

“We’re in a time, with the Me Too movement, where I think my job as a criminal defense attorney is more important than ever,” Valenta said.

Had it gone to trial, she said, it would have come out that one of the victims was a longtime client of Rosario’s, and another had tipped him $10 the day she said he abused her.

Rosario could have received up to 16 years in prison had he fought the charges and lost at trial.

“Mr. Rosario, in reaching the decision he made today, had to consider his family. The youngest child he has is 5 years old,” Valenta said. “This is a significant penalty for Mr. Rosario. But I think the people most hurt by it are Mr. Rosario’s family.”

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