A suspended California driver was clocked at extreme speeds near the High Desert Museum in what an Oregon State Police citation says was a road rage incident.

At 5:49 p.m. Friday, Marcos Acosta, 32, of Oakland, was driving a 2017 Volkswagen Passat north on U.S. Highway 97 on a downhill stretch near the museum, according to a citation by Trooper Josh H. Nagle.

Nagle said in his citation that he was heading south on Highway 97 south of Knott / Baker Road when he saw two cars traveling north at a high rate of speed. He clocked Acosta’s white Passat at 111 mph. The speed limit there is 65 mph. Acosta was passing a red sedan at the time.

Both cars pulled over after the trooper turned on his lights. The driver of the red sedan told the trooper it was a road rage incident and Acosta had flipped him off, according to the citation.

Acosta was with a female passenger and an 11-year-old girl. He is alleged to have told Nagle he was not paying attention to his speed and that he was not in a hurry. He told the officer he’d left his license and wallet at home, but a records check revealed Acosta’s license had been suspended, according to the citation.

He was cited for violating a basic speed rule and driving without an operator’s license.

Acosta’s court date is scheduled for April 24. He faces a presumptive fine of $1,415.

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