Allie Colosky
The Bulletin

A new housing project could bring nearly 200 mixed residential homes to Sisters, and residents are worried about the impact it could have on the neighborhood.

The project proposal — named McKenzie Meadow Village by developer Hayden Homes — would include single-family detached houses, townhomes and multifamily units, with 10 percent of all units required to be affordable housing by the annexation agreement between the developer and the city.

The 30-acre property was annexed into the city limits in 2009, and part of the agreement was that the land was to be developed as a higher density neighborhood and offer a certain number as affordable housing, said Patrick Davenport, Sisters community development director.

“The idea is that it’s supposed to be a high-density residential area,” he said. “That part of the city has to grow.”

The land is zoned for seven to 15 units per acre and, if approved, the complex would average seven units per acre.

“We are on the very low end of the requirements,” said April Pust, Hayden Homes land development manager.

The proposed development is located along McKinney Butte Road between Sisters High School and the Village at Cold Springs, where Hayden Homes is also the developer.

If approved by the city, the project would require 20 housing units to be used as affordable housing, offered to individuals or families earning 80 percent or less of the average median income in Sisters.

Residents in Sisters had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback at a community meeting Wednesday, and the feedback will be taken under consideration as Hayden Homes writes the final draft of the application before it is submitted to the city.

“It’s still speculation on what exactly will be on the formal proposal,” Davenport said.

The close proximity and narrow streets that would connect McKenzie Meadow Village and the Village at Cold Springs had some residents on edge at Wednesday’s meeting.

Multiple residents expressed concern about an increase of traffic in the area and the safety of more traffic on narrow streets that are managed only by the homeowners association.

Other concerns included the design aspects of the single-family homes, the number of apartments proposed and the affordability to the community.

If approved, the project would also include 3.4 acres of open space that would provide recreation opportunities while breaking up the housing blocks. The open space would also improve tree preservation, though some residents are worried about the number of trees that would need to be removed.

McKenzie Meadow Village is the third in a recent surge of proposed developments in Sisters to include affordable housing. Village Meadows offers 48 units for individuals or families earning 60 percent or less of the area median income and is expected to be completed in January. The first in the string of developments was the seven-home Skygate community that the city approved in 2015.

Hayden Homes expects to submit the application this spring, Pust said. The application would then go to the planning commission, which will hold a public hearing.

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