By Joseph Ditzler

The Bulletin

Rachel Lindgren, of Bend, prevailed a third time Tuesday on “Jeopardy!” to remain the reigning champion on the popular TV quiz show.

Lindgren, 26, a native of Carson City, Nevada, traveled to Sony Pictures Studio, in Culver City, California, in October to take part in the show, which was recorded and broadcast this month. Lindgren’s first appearance aired Friday. She won that round, and the second, which was broadcast Monday.

A group of Lindgren supporters gathered again for her third round of “Jeopardy!” on Tuesday at Platypus Pub on NE Third Street. Co-owner Glen Samuel said the pub hosted 30-40 people Friday for a watch party and another 20-30 on Monday, a night the pub is usually closed.

The Platypus holds a regularly scheduled two-hour trivia night at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Lindgren is a regular, Samuel said. Lindgren said she’s bound by a nondisclosure agreement to not reveal the outcome of her game-show appearances.

“She’s been mum about it,” said Samuel. “Understandably. She gave no indication one way or the other.”

Lindgren said she’s been a regular “Jeopardy!” viewer since college. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, in 2014 with degrees in biology and forestry.

The popular quiz show tees up three contestants for a half-hour every weekday evening. KOHD airs the show locally at 7 p.m. Contestants must respond with the correct question to the answer read aloud by host Alex Trebek and displayed on a studio screen. Failure to respond in the form of a question negates the response.

The winner moves on to another round until felled by a challenger. The show produces two weeks’ worth of shows on two days, Tuesday and Wednesday. Lindgren, a Forest Service fire lookout and Mt. Bachelor ticket agent, went into the third round with 41 correct responses and only three missed, according to

Trebek, the host, during breaks in the show answers questions from the audience, Lindgren said Monday.

“He’s hilarious,” she said. He has a “dark and understated sense of humor” and is a big fan of wine.

Lindgren after three days won a total of $54,200. She said Monday she’d like to put some of the money toward learning to fly.

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