Allie Colosky
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A couple originally accused of kidnapping, tying up and injecting a woman with methamphetamine pleaded no contest to lesser charges Wednesday as part of a plea deal geared toward regaining custody of their children, who are currently in foster care.

Dale and Kayla Graybeal were arrested by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 6 for their involvement in the alleged crimes.

Dale Graybeal, 29, pleaded no contest to coercion and was sentenced to 48 months in prison as part of a deal that would allow his wife to be released and begin the process of regaining custody of their three children.

“I would never plead guilty to what I am accused of but I’m willing to go to jail for it if it means I can get my kids back,” Dale Graybeal said during the sentencing hearing in Jefferson County Circuit Court in Madras.

In court Wednesday, Dale Graybeal, a former child in the foster care system, said he would never wish that on anyone else and was more concerned with the well-being of his children than disputing the details of the allegations against him.

Dale Graybeal was previously indicted by a grand jury on two counts of conspiracy, first- and second-degree kidnapping, coercion, third- and fourth-degree assault and strangulation.

Kayla Graybeal, 27, pleaded no contest to conspiracy and was sentenced to 60 months of probation and 60 days in jail, which she has already served. She was previously indicted on two counts of conspiracy and first- and second-degree kidnapping.

The victim, Della Simmelink, 33, of Madras, was dropped off at St. Charles Madras on Oct. 5 mostly undressed, saying she had just escaped after being kidnapped.

Simmelink told Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detective Brad Hamlin she received a text from Kayla Graybeal asking that she go to the Graybeal trailer at the Tops Trailer Park in Madras to sell her methamphetamine, according to court documents.

When Simmelink arrived, Kayla Graybeal said she needed help using the methamphetamine, and when the two women were walking toward the bathroom, Dale Graybeal and an unidentified male tackled Simmelink, according to court documents.

The victim said she was then bound with handcuffs, duct tape and what she thought was an old cord, according to court documents. Simmelink was able to untie herself and, wearing only her bra, escaped the couple’s house through a window and was later dropped off at St. Charles Madras.

Simmelink is also awaiting trial in January for two charges of possession of methamphetamine stemming from a Sept. 15 arrest, according to court documents.

During the hearing Wednesday, both defendants shook their heads in disbelief as various details of the allegations were read aloud.

Dale Graybeal’s court-appointed attorney, Laura Moszer, said even though many details of the case would more than likely fall apart during a trial, the plea deal was reached after all three children were entered into the foster care system, she said.

Both Dale and Kayla Graybeal are required to attend a parenting class as well as drug and alcohol treatment programs.

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