Bulletin Staff Report

The Oregon State Marine Board denied a petition to establish a no-wake zone and prohibit unauthorized anchoring on Lake Billy Chinook.

On Tuesday, the marine board held a special meeting to discuss several issues across the state, including a petition, received on Oct. 2, that would have established the Fly Creek Inlet, on the Metolius arm of Lake Billy Chinook, as a no-wake zone for motorboats. The petition, filed by residents of the subdivision that occupies the inlet, also attempted to address unauthorized anchoring in the inlet. The subdivision in the inlet contains 16 lots that are split between land and water along the edge of the lake.

While the board denied the subdivision’s petition, it passed a separate motion to address rule-making around boat operation in the Fly Creek Inlet area, according to a news release from the marine board.

Additionally, the board approved a grant with the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation to repair two floating restrooms on Lake Billy Chinook, according to the release. The board also adopted a rule making it easier for the state agency to issue business certificates to guides and outfitters who rent manually powered boats.