Bulletin staff report

A 7-Eleven employee who was supposed to deposit money from the business in the bank is accused of fabricating a robbery story to cover up stealing the money himself.

Billy Lyle Showen, 39, of Bend, is being charged with aggravated first-degree theft and initiating a false report.

Showen told Bend Police he was going to deposit the cash from 7-Eleven on SE Third Street at the bank inside Albertsons on S. U.S. Highway 97.

He claimed he was walking through the Albertsons parking lot when a suspect hit him and took the bag of cash. He gave a vague description of a suspect, according to police.

Bend Police officers and detectives spent the next hour searching a wide area in south Bend trying to find the robbery suspect. Officers reviewed video surveillance from surrounding businesses and talked to multiple people in the area.

Showen was then further interviewed by police and admitted to making up the robbery story, according to police.

He told police he hid the cash. The entire amount was found in his southeast Bend home.

Bend Police Lt. Clint Burleigh would not say how much money was in the deposit, but Oregon law says a person is charged with aggravated first-degree theft when the amount stolen is $10,000 or more.