By Aubrey Wieber

The Bulletin

A woman discovered at St. Charles Madras wearing only a bra and handcuffs told police she escaped from a couple she knew who kidnapped her, tied her up and forcibly injected methamphetamine into her arm.

Dale and Kayla Graybeal were arrested Oct. 6 for the alleged crimes. On Thursday, Dale Graybeal, 29, was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of conspiracy, first- and second-degree kidnapping, coercion, third- and fourth-degree assault and strangulation. Kayla Graybeal, 27, was indicted on two counts of conspiracy and first- and second-degree kidnapping.

Della Simmelink, 33, of Madras, was dropped off at St. Charles Madras on Oct. 5 mostly undressed, saying she had just escaped after being kidnapped.

Simmelink told Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Detective Brad Hamlin that she received a text at 3 a.m. from Kayla Graybeal asking her to go to their trailer at the Tops Trailer Park in Madras to sell her methamphetamine, according to court documents. When Simmelink arrived, Kayla Graybeal said she needed help using the methamphetamine, according to court documents. Simmelink started to go toward the bathroom to help when Dale Graybeal and an unidentified male tackled Simmelink, according to court documents.

They threw her in the shower and duct taped her mouth, then turned on the water and covered her eyes, according to court documents.

Simmelink was taken from the shower and thrown on a mattress in a bedroom. Her belt was undone, and her shoes, pants and underwear were removed. Her shirt was cut up, but her bra was never removed, according to court documents.

Simmelink was flipped onto her stomach and had her hands handcuffed above her head. Her feet and legs were bound with what she thought was an old cord, she told Hamlin.

She then was injected in her right arm with methamphetamine, she told Hamlin, after which Dale Graybeal asked her if it was a “good hit.”

Simmelink said headphones blasting country music were placed over her ears while she was tied down on the mattress.

Later, Simmelink was allowed to go to the bathroom and was tied to the bed again, she said. She fell asleep, and when she woke up, she realized the cords tying her to the bed were loose. She untied herself and escaped through a window, bringing a pillow for cover, she told police.

Simmelink found a couple in a nearby trailer who cut the chain of her handcuffs and took her to the hospital. Hamlin later interviewed the couple, who said Simmelink appeared to be in shock and told them a similar story.

While at the hospital, the handcuffs were removed from Simmelink’s wrists, and photos were taken of her scratches and bruises. Court documents do not describe a possible motive, other than words of disdain Dale Graybeal allegedly directed toward Simmelink.

She said he kept calling her “sweetheart” and said “You’re not so pretty now, and you’re not better than us.”

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