By Hilary Corrigan

The Bulletin

On a warm, sunny, snowless Sunday morning, skiers and snowboarders in Bend prepared for the season by scoring discounted gear in a brewery parking lot.

The Locals Pro Sale, a traveling sale of ski- and snowboard-related equipment, stopped at Deschutes Brewery in Bend for a day of deals on winter gear. Area residents, including Aubree Pagani and Blair Davis, of Bend, used the event to prepare for the season — not just in a practical way to buy gear, but also as a warm-up to get in the spirit.

“Like a little happy place,” Davis said.

About two dozen people filtered through the racks of clothes and skis, line of boots and tables of hats, goggles and sunglasses set up in the parking lot. Those expecting the event, along with others driving or biking by, compared prices of skis and tried on jackets. Early visitors brought their coffee cups and perused the items as Alabama Shakes songs played.

The collective started about six years ago and works with different skiing and snowboarding companies and athletes, bringing gear to various stops through the West during the fall. Sunday marked the event’s first stop at Deschutes Brewery, but it has stopped at Crux Fermentation Project the past couple years when coming through Bend.

The effort aims to prioritize local products and brands and sell equipment at a lower cost. The equipment and clothing — a mix of new and used — was all marked down from regular retail price.

“Any kind of sale,” Pagani said, noting her love of ski gear and a chance to get ready for the season. “Always good just to kind of get excited.”

Bend resident Dan Regan tried on a jacket and noted the price — marked down to about $100 from more than $200.

“I just shredded my jacket going through trees last year,” Regan said of the coat he’d had for about 10 years.

Bend resident Clara Soh, who recently broke her foot while rock climbing, used a crutch to get around and look through the clothes, searching for pants but getting distracted by jackets. Soh texted friends to tell them about equipment at the sale.

“These are some really good deals,” said Soh, who looks forward to trying out a new splitboard that she recently got for backcountry snowboarding. “Waiting for the snow now.”

Bend resident Vaughan Briggs was driving by and saw the sign, so he stopped to check out skis and boots.

“It’s just so much cheaper,” Briggs said of such events. “Most people in Bend, you don’t have just one type of skis.”

Briggs had been out of town and missed a big ski swap in Bend a couple of weeks ago, so he was glad to catch this event. Sunday’s sale included snowboards and skis covered with all kinds of design and graphic art — landscapes, cartoons, stickers and logos.

“I got skis and bindings,” Briggs said after a little while of shopping. “I’m excited about that.”

Bend residents and brothers Sol and Skye Ling-Scott didn’t come to the sale for anything specific, but wanted to check out the gear.

“It’s awesome,” Sol said, noting skis worth about $600 online were selling for about $350 at the event.

“Big, big savings,” Skye said, adding that he didn’t need anything but “might end up spending too much money.”

Locals Pro Sale plans to now head to San Francisco. For more information on the collective, go online to

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