By Aaron West

The Bulletin

The Redmond police officers involved in the Aug. 25 deadly force case in Redmond have been identified by the Deschutes County District Attorney’s Office.

On Aug. 25, a man allegedly pointing a gun at passing motorists was struck by a police vehicle. The man, identified as 63-year-old Michael Gaskill, later died from his injuries. According to District Attorney John Hummel, Redmond Police Officer Cory Buckley was driving the vehicle that struck Gaskill. Also responding to the scene were officers Derek Hicks, Jonny Dickson and Sgt. Curtis Chambers.

Hummel announced Thursday that his review of the incident will be delayed until next week because of Hummel’s recent hospitalization following a two-vehicle wreck he was involved in on Friday. According to a news release from the DA’s Office, Hummel will complete the review next week and then announce his findings and legal conclusions at a press conference. At the conclusion of the press conference Hummel will release to the public all the evidence, including numerous videos, the release states.

In the Aug. 25 incident, Redmond Police responded to the area of Canal Boulevard near St. Charles Redmond because of reports of a person armed with a handgun, allegedly pointing it at drivers nearby.

After Redmond officers Hicks and Dickson arrived in separate patrol cars it’s alleged the person — now identified by police and the DA’s Office as Gaskill — pointed the gun at them. Chambers arrived soon after and exited his vehicle to approach Gaskill.

A separate police vehicle driven by Buckley, who also arrived after Hicks and Dickson, then struck Gaskill. Gaskill was seriously injured by the car and was taken by air ambulance to St. Charles Bend.

Gaskill died of his injuries two days after the incident in Redmond.

Chambers and Buckley were placed on paid administrative leave. According to Capt. Brian McNaughton, Chambers will return to normal duties on Friday and Buckley will remain on leave until the investigation is complete.

Buckley, previously a police officer with the Sunriver Police Department, was hired by the Redmond Police Department in April 2014, McNaughton said. Dickson and Chambers were hired as Redmond officers in 2000 and 2003, respectively. Hicks was hired by the department first as a Community Service Officer in 2005 and then as a police officer in 2006.

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