By Abby Spegman

The Bulletin

Rosa Moore went into labor around dinnertime Wednesday. She went to the hospital, waited, went home, waited, and went back later the next day, New Year’s Eve.

She wasn’t due for another five days, but her first two babies came this early, so maybe this one would too, she thought.

Selah Moore was born at 2:36 a.m. Jan. 1 at St. Charles Bend, making her the first baby born in Central Oregon this year (beating another baby born up in Madras by a few hours). She arrived after 30 hours of labor at 7 pounds, 3 ounces, 20 inches long.

“We thought it’d be cool (if she came early), and she actually did, all on her own,” said Moore, 32, of Bend.

Dad Jason Moore, 33, is a nurse in the emergency room at St. Charles Redmond. He “caught” Selah when she was born.

After all the excitement, Selah spent New Year’s Day propped up on a pillow in her mother’s lap as visitors came and went from Room 172. Occasionally she would stretch her arms over her face, a quasi-wave, but mostly she just slept. In the corner of the family’s hospital room was a gift basket from St. Charles, a treat for being first.

Posing for family photos with their new baby sister, 5-year-old Malachi stroked Selah’s tiny hand, but 3-year-old Josiah didn’t seem so sure what to do. This was his first younger sibling.

“She was really, really active before when she was in your tummy,” Malachi told his mom as he watched Selah nap. “She’s not active at all now that she’s out.”

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