A Deschutes County Search and Rescue crew helped a trio of hikers out of the woods west of Bend on Sunday after the group got lost during a day hike.

Rachelle Nichols, 30, and Brandy Fratto, 33, of Bend, along with Kristin Brenner, 31, of Eugene, became lost during a hike near Mirror Lake, according to Search and Rescue. Nichols called 911 around 12:15 p.m. and said they were lost about five miles from the Mirror Lake Trailhead, which is just north of Elk Lake along the Cascades Lake Highway.

Because of poor cell phone coverage and the possibility of losing contact with the group, Search and Rescue asked the hikers to stay put and have rescuers come to them. Rescuers found them at 4:45 p.m. and they were back at the trailhead around 7 p.m. The hikers brought food, water and extra clothes, but weren’t prepared for a night in the woods.